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Home Treatment for Fever Blisters

Home Treatment for Fever Blisters

The main reason of fever blisters is HSV-1 virus. Fever blisters are well known for their pain. These types of blisters usually occur outside or inside the mouth, nostrils, chin and cheeks area. Some other common causes of fever blisters include:

Hormonal Change
Extreme tiredness
Unhealthy Diet

First of all, make some efforts to prevent these blisters like avoid sharing your personal stuff with other family members, using a good quality sunscreen, eating a well balanced diet etc. You can use various home based remedies to get rid of this painful blisters. Here are some tips and remedies on how to treat fever blisters naturally at home.

Home Treatment for Fever Blisters

  • Application of an ice pack is an effective home treatment for fever blisters. Just rub an ice cube over the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes. Use this remedy several times a day. It is helpful in the prevention and treatment of fever blisters.
  • Apply some salt on your finger. Now, gently press your salt coated finger on the blisters for a minute. Use this remedy twice daily.
  • Regular application of aloe vera gel helps soothe the affected area.
  • Honey is loaded with natural anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Apply it on the affected area. Another easy home treatment for fever blisters is to apply witch hazel on the affected area.
  • You can also use sage tea to speed up the treatment and healing process. Prepare a tea by boiling sage leaves, ginger powder with a cup of water. Drink this tea twice or thrice daily to treat your problem effectively.
  • Apply white vinegar on the blisters. Leave on for about five to ten seconds. It is effective in reducing pain and swelling.
  • Make a home treatment by combining 100 ml coconut oil, 2 ml Dettol and 3 ml carbolic acid. Apply this mixture over the affected area twice daily.
Now, you are free to use these remedies. It is always better to consult your problem with a doctor to get an expert advice.
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  1. I wrote them all down actually. I constantly have that problem and never even thought about a 'remedy'! Thanks for the advice!